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Is April 2022 the month when international visitors will be able to return to Australia?

If only we had a crystal ball... but there are many indicators that suggest April 2022 could see the return of international arrivals.
So, what are these indicators?
The Australian government made a disaster of the vaccine rollout, their opinion poll ratings have plummeted and with a federal election to be held before May 2022, they are desperate for a good news story.
The recent outbreaks in Australia have boosted the vaccine uptake and the country is on track to reach its 80% vaccination target in December 2021. With approximately 40,000 Aussies still stranded overseas due to crippling passenger caps, and circa 30% of the population having emigrated from abroad, allowing Aussies to travel by Christmas 2021 will be a critical target for the government.
Will international visitors be allowed to travel then? Highly unlikely. The next target will be the international students who would be due to start university in February 2022. Therefore, we can expect to see travel bubbles with some Asian countries in addition to NZ and the South Pacific nations.
With the election sitting ominously on Scott Morrison’s agenda, the most probable dates being late February/ March, the government will be keen show how “well” they have handled the pandemic and set an opening date for travel AFTER the election. In April 2022. Will the doors be flung open to everyone? No. There will be restrictions in place but this will be the start.
Now all of this is a hypothesis, however the key indicators point to the fact the current government need to take strong decisive action and not bury their heads in the sand like they have done for the past 12 months. Let’s hope I am right and our industry can start to rebuild soon.

Apart from the obvious “elephant in the room” that international borders are currently closed for tourism there are many reasons why you should invest your hard-earnt money in an Australian holiday during 2021.

It is a fact that all around the world people tend to look outwards to overseas countries for inspiration for their next holiday. But it is not until you stop and realise for many people, Australia is that iconic and exotic destination and there are truly incredible experiences to be enjoyed.

Below are 10 inspirational reasons why you should pack your bags and holiday in Australia in 2021.

Top 10 reasons why you should holiday in Australia in 2021

Australian Beaches
Great Ocean Road
Support local communities with a Road Trip


A road trip in Australia is the best way to see the country. Yes, Australia is huge, however with excellent sealed roads (and the odd gravel road) – it is a perfect place for road trips. Only in a car can you experience some of the best off-the-beaten-path drives and explore hidden gems. You will also be supporting local communities who rely heavily on tourism.

Make sure you fill up in a small country town, buy locally sourced produce, stop at roadside stalls and engage with friendly locals. Some of Australia’s greatest drives include The Great Beach Drive, Legendary Pacific Coast Touring Route, Melbourne to Sydney Coastal Drive and possibly Australia’s most famous drive, The Great Ocean Road. For more adventure consider The Gibb River Road, the Explorers Way (Darwin to Adelaide) or reconnect with nature along the mighty Murray River. You will be surprised at the diversity of this amazing country.

For more information visit here

The Frames Riverland Luxury
Relax and recharge


Sometimes when you find a hidden gem you don’t want to tell too many people about it. Sometimes it deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. The Frames Luxury Riverland Retreat is one such location that is too good not to share. Located on the banks of Australia’s longest river, the Frames in Renmark South Australia deserves to be recognised as a place to relax, unwind and de-stress from everyday life.

Set high on the peaceful banks of the Murray River, the Frames offers world class luxury and personal hospitality. Your experience can be simply enjoying the secluded and private luxury for two or you can venture out and include local experiences with gourmet food and wine. For nature lovers, the Murray River Wetlands can be explored in the comfort of the small dinghy to encounter the diverse wildlife and birds of the region.

For more information visit here

Great Ocean Road
Breathe clean air and walk in nature 


Have you ever thought about reconnecting with nature on a walking holiday but not sure about the logistics, where you will stay, how challenging will each day be, do I have to carry all my own belongings, what about food…. Arghh!? Well, we are here to put those fears at bay.

The Great Ocean Walk along the south coast of Victoria starts at Apollo Bay and finishes near Port Campbell. The full length of the walk is over 100km and best achieved over 8 days. Walkers of almost any ability can step on and step off sections of the Great Ocean Walk. Shuttle services are available for pick up and drop off between your parked car or accommodation, and some key points of interest along the Great Ocean Road.

Day walks of up to 6 hours in length with pre-arrange a car shuffle can be arranged. All walks start from the main visitor areas and the distance and terrain make these longer walks more challenging.

For more information visit here or contact Mark here

Lake Hillier
Discover Pink lakes!


Did you know there are roughly 10 pink coloured lakes dotted across Australia? Yes, bright pink! The most striking of these is Lake Hillier located on Middle Island, a short scenic flight off the coast of Esperance, Western Australia. To fully appreciate these lakes, they are best seen from the air.

However not all are based on Islands. Pink lakes are found on the mainland states of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

So what makes a pink lake pink? Firstly, they are all saltwater lakes and during hot weather, the algae in the water mixes with the salts to turn the lake pink. It’s as simple as that. Pink lakes do not stay pink forever and they can change with seasons and time.

For more information visit here

Flinders Ranges
Experience the Outback


I am often asked by travellers for the best place to experience the “outback”. Do they need to go to Alice Springs? My answer is a resounding NO. One of the beauties of Australia is an outback experience can be experienced much closer to cities than most people think.

But what is an outback experience? Is it the red gravel roads, is it the chandelier of stars at night, is it kangaroos and emus running wild, is it the million-year-old landscapes? In essence it is all of these. The Flinders Ranges boasts one of the most impressive sights in all of Australia. Wilpena Pound covers eight times the area of Uluru, is 300 metres higher and arguably as culturally significant, yet it is relatively unknown to Australians.

To appreciate the rugged natural beauty of the Flinders we recommend staying 3 nights. You need this time to discover Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorge, take a discovery walk inside the iconic natural amphitheatre, join a scenic flight to gain an appreciation of the scale and grandeur of the pound or visit one of the many other sights in the region.

For more information visit here

Jervis Bay
Uncover Coastal Gems


Australians love the beach… fact! But did you know Australia holds several contenders for the whitest sand in the world? Did you also know that two are often voted the Top 10 beaches in the world?

Whitehaven Beach located in the Whitsundays and Hyams Beach just south of Sydney at Jervis Bay are both spectacular in the fact they offer white squeaky sand beaches and pristine turquoise water to splash around in. Sure, there are many more that fit these criteria such as Lucky Bay in Western Australia, Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island, Winegalss Bay in Tasmania… and the list goes on, but Hyams Beach is certainly the most accessible.

Nestled amongst soaring eucalypts on 80 acres just a few kilometres upstream from the white sandy beaches of Jervis Bay, Paperbark Camp retains its intimate feel with just twelve well appointed safari style tents. Built above the ground on timber platforms that assist the cooling sea breezes they provide a beautiful view of the bush and are ECO accredited.

For more information visit here

Barossa Valley
Indulge in World Class Food & Wine


Enjoying a holiday amongst the vineyards, sampling quality crafted wines and dining of fresh locally sourced produce is becoming a big thing. And why not. Food and Wine experiences are promoted heavily around the globe and Australia is certainly a world leader in this category.

There are many wine regions in Australia including the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Yarra Valley in Victoria, Margaret River in Western Australia and the Barossa Valley in South Australia. But what else makes a wine region so appealing? Is it the location, set amongst rolling hills with an abundance of iconic Australian wildlife, or it is the quaint townships with their intimate café’s and local arts and crafts?

The Barossa Valley is possibly the best known of the wine regions in Australia and oozes charm and sophistication. Barossa Shiraz Estate provide boutique accommodation set amongst the vineyards and is the perfect base to explore the Barossa and surrounding countryside.

For more information visit here

Aboriginal Australia
Learn from an Ancient Indigenous culture


The Indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia have a rich, living culture stretching more than 50,000 years. You will find opportunities to immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture right across Australia, meeting with local guides and listening to the stories of the Dreamtime as you embark on a journey through time.

The fact is, from our capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin to Central Australia, Far North Queensland or to the red sands of Shark Bay, Aboriginal people are waiting to tell their stories and share the meaning of their cultures and way of life.

To find a certified indigenous experience for your next holiday please refer to the website by clicking here

Kangaroo Island
Interact with Incredibly Unique Wildlife


The wildlife of Australia is incredibly diverse and unique and is often a bucket list experience for holiday makers. However, spotting these elusive animals in their natural habitat can often be a challenge. The best time to see Kangaroos, Koala’s, Echidna’s etc is early morning and late afternoon when the cooler temperatures provide favourable conditions for grazing.

One place in Australia that has such an abundance of wildlife in a natural environment is Kangaroo Island, both from a land and marine perspective. The Island is so well known for its wildlife encounters it is nicknamed “The Zoo without Fences”.

For an accommodation experience like no other, Sea Dragon Lodge and Villa’s located near Cape Willoughby Lighthouse and on its own 250-acre nature reserve is a must do experience. Sit on your private deck, sipping a glass of your favourite beverage and watch the wildlife come to you.

For more information visit here

Taste of SA Cooking School.jpg
Learn a New Skill -
Cooking Classes 


I think we could all agree that 2020 has been a year like no other and in 2021 invest in yourself and learn a new skill... or perfect an old one!

It is a well-known adage that Australians love a BBQ… and still do. Australian cuisine however has changes massively over the past 20 years with ethnic influences creating new flavour fusions. With cooking schools popping up across the country why not learn from one of the experts and add a new string to your bow in 2021.

Join a special cooking tour that incorporates the Adelaide markets and the cooking school with Rosa, meeting some of Adelaide’s new and up and coming chefs. Visit the market gardens, explore the Asian influences, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food trails and meet the wine makers who inspire a generation. Taste of South Australia have over 30 years experience operating small group and private tours throughout South Australia.

For more information visit here

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