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Oceanview Eco Villas 5★ - Kangaroo Island


Welcome to Oceanview Eco Villas

Nestled atop the stunning Kangaroo Island coastline known as 'Redbanks', Oceanview Eco Villas offers guests a premium luxury experience. Oceanview Eco Villas is a fully-hosted eco-luxury accommodation located on a 500-acre rural property and the perfect location to relax, unwind and "meet" some of Australia's iconic wildlife.


Kangaroo Island is the third-largest island in Australia and situated just 16kms from the mainland. Oceanview Eco Villas is a boutique, family friendly retreat offering a personalised 5-star experience along with the good feelings that come with leaving a small footprint and an ethos that seeks to both restore and give back to the environment.



Tim and Tamsin Wendt have been fortunate to call Oceanview home for the past eight years, after moving to Kangaroo Island to raise their family 14 years ago. Their 500-acre property on Kangaroo Island’s coastline is home to a wide range of native wildlife species.


Tim comes from a long career working with people in a range of settings, and more recently, working as a tour guide for one of the Island’s leading tour operators.


Tamsin has trained in Clinical Psychology and established the first psychology practice on Kangaroo Island 12 years ago.

Tim and Tamsin are excited to welcome you to Oceanview Eco Villas and provide a truly exceptional and memorable stay.


Luxury Eco Villas


Oceanview Eco Villas are a testament to the best of Island craftsmen, with handcrafted stone work and cabinetry, in a timeless, but contemporary design. 

The furnished villas showcase the best of South Australian design and renewable industry, whilst providing guests with the luxury and comfort expected of a 5-star accommodation.

Set on the north-facing coastline, Oceanview Eco Villas are an eco-build that is completely off-grid, utilising solar power and the best available eco products and technology. 

Each villa contains special OEV Sky Windows, designed so that you can lie in bed, and watch the stunning sky overnight, from the warmth and privacy of your bedroom.

The signature Oceanview ensuite bathrooms feature a large bath and bifold windows opening to the coastal breeze and stunning ocean views.

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The Property


The Oceanview Eco Villas property consists of 500-acres of on north-facing Kangaroo Island coastline. Allow yourself to relax, unwind and rejuvenate at Oceanview Eco villas - the ultimate in Kangaroo Island luxury accommodation.

Oceanview Eco Villas are nestled atop the beautiful Redbanks cliffs overlooking stunning Nepean Bay.  Guests can take the time to explore the beautiful property that is home to Oceanview, with Yacka trails and beach walks, birdsong and native wildlife.

Oceanview Eco Villas provides the opportunity for our guests to reconnect with nature, restore the balance and immerse themselves in an ecoluxury experience.

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