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Outback Experiences

A journey into the Australian outback is one you will never forget. An ancient landscape that has formed over millions of years invites you to explore its incredible rock formations, inland lakes, and rich Aboriginal history.

South Australia boasts some of the most accessible outback experiences of any Australian capital city. Wilpena Pound’s sunken amphitheatre surrounded by a circle of mountains can be explored by foot or a spectacular scenic flight. Drive through Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorge and you will feel like you have stepped onto another planet.


Flinders Ranges


Wilpena Pound

From the air, Wilpena Pound looks like a massive crater, almost 100 kilometres wide that stands above the surrounding plains. The rim however is mountainous rock, believed once to have been as high as the Himalayas, that have been eroded over millennia.

Geologist believe it was formed by the faster erosion of the soft rock on the valley floor, comparing to harder rocks which form cliffs of the pound.


Brachina & Bunyeroo Gorge

Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorges are one of the Flinders Ranges National Park's most popular and spectacular tourist attractions. The gorges are an important refuge for the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby as well as many species of birds and reptiles.

Join an organised tour or self drive through this spectacular setting. A 4WD vehicle is required.



One of the outback’s most iconic hotels, the Prairie is an authentic pub with an innovative menu, best known for its creative use of native foods.


The Feral Mixed Grill of emu, kangaroo, goat and camel is the hotel's signature dish, but make sure you try the quandong pie, made from a wild native peach – it's tart but delicious.

For more information on the Flinders Ranges please click here

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