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Rawnsley Park Station - Flinders Ranges

Rawnsley Park Station offers a range of unique private and small groups touring through a landscape over 1.5 billions years old. Discover a land rich in Aboriginal culture, abundant wildlife and the amazing colours of the Outback.

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From a family-friendly stroll to a five-hour trek through gorges and ancient creek-beds, Rawnsley Park Station is a walker’s delight. There are seven marked walking trails, ranging from easy to moderately difficult, starting at three separate points on the property.

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Walking the Flinders Ranges


The five-day and three-day Flinders Ranges Guided Walking Tours introduce walkers to the best the Flinders has to offer.

The walking tours range far and wide as the experienced guide showcase's the flora, fauna and geology of an ancient land which had its beginnings 1.5 billion years ago.

Scenic Helicopter Flights


Local scenic Helicopter flights from Rawnsley Park Station are available and it is suggested to prebook these.

Heli-camping Experience


Departing from Rawnsley Park Station, take a late-afternoon helicopter flight past Rawnsley Bluff and over Wilpena Pound before landing on the Chace Range. Watch the sun set over spectacular views, whilst the staff set up your swag and camp for the night.  


Includes a 2 course camp oven meal and breakfast the next morning.

Guided Walks and Trails


4WD Tours


Sit back, relax and let one of the experienced local guides take you on a 4WD adventure of a lifetime. 


Discover the spectacular scenery of the Flinders Ranges, see wildlife in its natural environment and abundant native flora, learn about the region’s rich geological history, and experience the Aboriginal and European histories of the area.

Scenic Flights


Whether it’s a scenic flight over spectacular Wilpena Pound or a full-day Outback adventure, Chinta Air can take you to the skies direct from Rawnsley Park Station. 

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